We handle your front-office operations so that you can focus on the job you love-providing patient care.

Our team is skilled in scheduling patients, entering demographic information, insurance verification and resolution, answering phone calls and posting patient payments. We can do following for your office:

Our Front Office Management Service

Patient Scheduling

A synchronized and updated scheduling not only helps in gaining patient trust but also significantly impacts the revenue cycle performance.

Patient Registration

Accurate demographic collection increases the rate of clean claim submissions while reducing payment delays and denials.

Eligibility Verification

It avoids eligibility-related rejections and denials, increases upfront collections; leading to improved patient satisfaction and improving billing.

Answering voicemails and phone calls

We’ll greet the callers on behalf of your practice and takedown queries related to appointments, bills, referrals, insurance or refills.

Managing Referrals and Authorizations

We provide technology-enabled precertification and authorization services for inpatient/outpatient services.

Patient Payment Management

We explain either to your team or directly to a patient about their responsibility in the form of Copays / Coinsurance / Deductibles / Previous Balance.

Billing System Update

Updating the billing system with the verified details.

Monthly AR Reports

We can customize the reports based on provider preference include, but not limited to the following: Charges, Payments, Adjustments and aging A/R.

Maintain PHI & compliance with HIPAA laws

Policies are in place to prevent employees from accessing PHI via non-secure methods as well as controlling access to PHI.

Patient Appointment Calls

More than 60% of patients schedule their visits digitally.Correctly managing their phone calls is of prime importance for our front desk team.We keep your patients count intact,thus reduce No Shows, less than 2% to 0%.

Appointment Confirmation

Patient No-Shows and last minute Cancellations are common revenue loss in Healthcare and badly affect the financial performance and quality of service.

Our medical front office and billing team helps to decrease patient no-show rate with an appointment confirmation and follow-up system.

Patient Follow Up Visits

We keep a proper record of each patient visit and make sure that follow-up visits are not missed.

Service Benefit:  

To improve revenue, we provide proficient solutions to help you:

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