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We provide fast, secure, accurate, and cost-effective transcription services using state-of-the-art technology.

Why are we a Leading Medical Transcription Service Provider?

Turnaround time

Dedicated Team & Quality Assurance


HIPAA Compliant

Turnaround time:

Our turnaround time is 24 hrs. We know the importance of timely delivery of reports and we make sure that every dictation received is transliterated and delivered back to client within 24 hours.

Dedicated Team & Quality Assurance:

Every transcription undergoes a thorough three-level quality assurance process before it is delivered. At first level, dictation is transcribed by an experienced medical transcriptionist. At second level, a seasoned quality assurance person listens every word very carefully to produce an accurate transcription. Transcription undergoes final proofing by a second set of eyes and ears before being posted for completion.


HIPAA dictates that healthcare facilities and others who have access to Protected Health Information (PHI) take significant precautions to ensure the security and privacy of patient data. As such, it is essential that all healthcare providers partner with a HIPAA-compliant medical transcription company, like BEETECH Solutions, to safeguard PHI.

HIPAA Compliant:

Hospitals, clinics and private practices in the United States must comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations to protect sensitive patient information. BEETECH Solutions is committed to meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

Transcriptional Services:

An Overview of Our Entire Process of Medical Transcription Services:


Account managers receive dictations from FTP or client servers which are then assigned to the designated Tier-1 transcriptionist.


Proof-readers conduct a dexterous review of the transcribed files and implement the necessary changes. Feedbacks on the files are sent to the T-1 team.


The dictations in an audio format are then transcribed by experts on industry-standard templates.


Files are then conveyed to the account manager who conducts another review to ensure the usage of the correct template.

Quality Check

The quality team checks for any quality deviations by using random sampling technique and send their review comments to the tier 1 team and proofreaders.

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