Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

By using our end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management Solution, you and your staff can focus on what is really important; your patients. our team of experts handles your entire billing, from claim creation, quick submission, follow up, denial management, appeals, and payment posting and reporting.

Billing & Coding

Our expert team will verify all the codes (CPT, HCPS & ICD codes) before creating and submitting claims. We’ll ensure error-free claims submission within 24hrs of receipt and 98% collection on first claim submission.

Denial Management

We continuously follow up on denied and pending claims until they get paid. If you have denials from the past, then offload them our team quickly determine the cause(s) of denials, mitigate the risk of future denials and get paid faster.

AR Management

We will analyze your current AR processes to determine areas of improvement through best practice. Our teams of experts are structured to address cash flow problems your practice encounter to ensure realization to the very last cent.


Based on your preference we offer bi-weekly or monthly reports for your practice. We also help generate standard and customized reports which can be shared in no time, including insurance and patient A/R aging.

Why Working with Us?

Our services ranging from basic claims processing and submission to full practice management. 

The benefits of working with Us Are:

24/7 RCM Support

98% First Pass Acceptance Rate (FPAR)

Appropriate CPT & ICD codes and Modifiers

Handle all the Denials within 48-72 hours of receipt

Reduction in AR (DAR)

Revenue Increase Insurance + Patient

100% HIPPA Compliant Team of Medical Billers

Customized Financial Reporting

First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate

98% claims will be paid on first submission. 3% higher than the industry average.

Reduction in AR

Reduction of bad debt by accelerating your receivables. A/R Aging (patient and payer). Old Account Receivables Recovery

Experience AR calling team

24/7/365 revenue cycle management support. 24/7 experienced AR billing team with remarkable AR follow-up processes.

Our Medical Billing Process

Our extensive healthcare revenue cycle management services include:

  • Patient Registration
    • Demographic information
    • Insurance information
  • Eligibility
    • Insurance verifications
    • Authorizations
  • Medical Coding (CPT®, HCPCS and ICD 10 codes)
    • Reliable Coding
  • Billing and Reconciling of Accounts
    • Structured Charge entry
    • Claim Scrubbing
    • Claim Submission
    • Cash/Payment posting
    • Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable Management
    • AR follow up and collections
    • Denials / Nonpay / Appeals
    • Insurance collection
    • Patient collection
  • Financial Statement Reports
    • KPI’s Reports
    • Custom Monthly Reporting
    • Financial Review

Why Choose Our Medical Billing Services:

  • +7 Years of industry experience in medical billing
  • Medicare, coding and HIPAA compliant processes
  • Timely & accurate Claims filing (within 24 – 48 hours)
  • 98% clean Claim submission (FPAR)
  • Minimum (AR) days, DAR (against industry standards)
  • Modest rates to ensure 40% saving in outflow
  • Complete data confidentiality and information security
  • 100% HIPPA compliance
  • All qualified staff, highly experienced & Analysts

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