Telemedicine Billing Services:

Telemedicine is the future of patient care. With the reduced number of in office patient visits, the demand of telemedicine has become a challenge for the medical providers

Telehealth and telemedicine services have become more practical particularly after the pandemic. This is why telemedicine has become one of the most integral parts of care practices, and BEE Tech Solutions is empowering those practices with its telehealth billing services.

Telehealth Billing Services

Telehealth Coding

AMA has developed a set of telemedicine billing codes that they continuously keep on updating. These telehealth codes are deemed necessary to be used by healthcare services providers, medical practices, and hospitals.

Charges Entry

Billing for telehealth has a greater possibility of errors and a double-check of the information is a must. As patients are remotely communicating, therefore the information collection depends on the level of communication between the patients and the telehealth services provider.

Scrubbing & Submission

First step is to accurately transcribe that clinical data and then move on to check / eliminate errors in the claims. telehealth billing team checks the insurance eligibility in advance, and submit claims within 48-hours of the claim preparation and scrubbing.

Digital Payment Posting

For the virtual care process to proceed with follow up visits, the payment posting process has to be fast and accurate. Along with upfront collections, there are copays and insurance reimbursements that require a skilled telehealth billing team.


Weekly and monthly reports of the collections visualize a clear picture of the AR. Collection reports prepared and shared by telehealth billing team helps practices take the right decisions.

HIPAA Compliant Protection

Telehealth services providers are at a greater risk of data hacks and breaches of data security. All healthcare activities are in compliance with guidelines of HIPAA, HITECH, False Claims Act, FDCPA etc.

Improve Revenue & Workflow

Maintain an efficient workflow for billing, scheduling and charting and reduce the burden on your staff so they can provide a more focused patient care and improve revenue.

Patient Satisfaction

Offer patients the accessibility and convenience of our reliable Telehealth services. We ensure quality video and audio calling services to strengthen patient-physician communication.

Important Telemedicine Stipulations

Billing for telemedicine can be tricky as the rules are still forming and the studies are changing on a daily basis.

The load on the providers is increasing because of the inconsistencies in patient volume and billing staff non-appearances because of COVID-19.

Our certified professional coders review all your patient claims before submission. Our coders work directly with the billing teams. They accurately research the insurance coverage even before seeing the patient and choosing the right CPT Code when a patient visit is complete Saving you the complexity, time, energy and effort of it all.

Tele visit’s easy access comes alongside a slew of other useful features that…

Benefit Your Patients

A busy schedule won’t get in the way of seeing a doctor

Even remote areas have instant access to quality care

Patients whose condition the trip can still see their doctor prevents them from making

Benefit Your Practice

Improved patient outcomes and satisfaction communication

Secure, 100% HIPAA-compliant

Increased staff efficiency appointments

Reduced no-shows and canceled

Summary of Medicare Telemedicine Services

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